Local and systemic immune response in a post-traumatic osteoarthritis model

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Materials and methods

Group Leader: Max Löhning

Project partners:

Anna E. Rapp (Shared first authorship)

Anna E. Rapp is a postdoctoral fellow at the Dr. Rolf M. Schwiete Research Unit for Osteoarthritis at the Department of Orthopaedics, University Hospital Frankfurt. She has long-standing experience in in vivo models for OA and bone regeneration and is currently working on extracellular matrix proteins in osteoarthritis.

Dr. Anna Rapp. Contact: Rapp@med.uni-frankfurt.de

Nayar Durán-Hernández (Shared First)

Nayar Durán is a PhD candidate at the Pitzer Lab for Osteoarthritis working onjoint immune responses in DMM and JSD models with particular interest in early inflammation responses after trauma.

Nayar Durán. Image credit: Jaqueline Hischer. Contact: nayar.duran@drfz.de

Xiaohui Liu

Xiaohui Liu. Contact: Xiaohui.Liu@drfz.de

Xiaohui Liu is a PhD Candidate at the Pitzer Lab for osteoarthritis working on the interplay of innate immunity and mitochondrial function in human chondrocytes and its impact on OA development.

Contact: xiaohui.liu@drfz.de

Yujie Dai

Yujie Dai is a PhD candidate at the Pitzer Lab for Osteoarthritis working on joint immune responses in chondrocytes with particular interest in the functional role of autophagy in aging related OA.

Contact: yujie.dai@drfz.de

Valerie Plajer

Valerie Plajer is a PhD Candidate focusing on quantitative CD4 T cell stability in the context of chronic infections in the group of Prof. Max Löhning with particular interest in T cell exhaustion.

Contact: Valerie.plajer@drfz.de

Adrian Madrigal-Avilés

Adrian Madrigal is a PhD Candidate focusing on CD4 T cell metabolism in the group of Prof. Max Löhning with particular interest in D-Lactate effect in CD4 Th1, Th2 and Cytotoxic immune responses.

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