Poster 309: Local and systemic immune response in a post-traumatic osteoarthritis model

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Materials and methods

Group Leader: Max Löhning

Project partners:

Anna E. Rapp (Shared first authorship)

Anna E. Rapp is a postdoctoral fellow at the Dr. Rolf M. Schwiete Research Unit for Osteoarthritis at the Department of Orthopaedics, University Hospital Frankfurt. She has long-standing experience in in vivo models for OA and bone regeneration and is currently working on extracellular matrix proteins in osteoarthritis.

Dr. Anna Rapp. Contact:

Nayar Durán-Hernández (Shared First)

Nayar Durán is a PhD candidate at the Pitzer Lab for Osteoarthritis working onjoint immune responses in DMM and JSD models with particular interest in early inflammation responses after trauma.

Nayar Durán. Image credit: Jaqueline Hischer. Contact:

Xiaohui Liu

Xiaohui Liu. Contact:

Xiaohui Liu is a PhD Candidate at the Pitzer Lab for osteoarthritis working on the interplay of innate immunity and mitochondrial function in human chondrocytes and its impact on OA development.


Yujie Dai

Yujie Dai is a PhD candidate at the Pitzer Lab for Osteoarthritis working on joint immune responses in chondrocytes with particular interest in the functional role of autophagy in aging related OA.


Valerie Plajer

Valerie Plajer is a PhD Candidate focusing on quantitative CD4 T cell stability in the context of chronic infections in the group of Prof. Max Löhning with particular interest in T cell exhaustion.


Adrian Madrigal-Avilés

Adrian Madrigal is a PhD Candidate focusing on CD4 T cell metabolism in the group of Prof. Max Löhning with particular interest in D-Lactate effect in CD4 Th1, Th2 and Cytotoxic immune responses.

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